Cardhu is a must see! Not only is it a stunningly picturesque setting, it produces beautiful single malt, and is also the heart of the Johnnie Walker story . The distillery is where you will find the Johnnie Walker Brand Home, so where better to spend some time learning about, nosing and most importantly tasting these fantastic whiskies

Founded in 1811 by John and Helen Cumming, the first still was sited at Cardow Farm on the Mannoch Hill, using the water from a nearby spring which is said to be softened as it rises through a layer of peat, Cardhu remains the only Scottish Malt whisky to be first crafted by a woman.

The management of the distillery was passed from Helen to her daughter Elizabeth, but not until Helen was well into her 90’s. Elizabeth soon acquired a new site not far from the original and moved the distillery in 1885. By the end of the 1800’s Cardhu was one of the top selling Scottish malt whiskies and gained a reputation as one of the very finest.

In 1893 when the Walker Family were searching for a whisky to help guarantee their blends, they turned to Cardhu for help, The marriage was perfect, and after a period of very rapid growth the Walker Family bought the Cardhu Distillery to secure the supply for the future, with John, Elizabeth’s son, being appointed to the board of the Walker Family Business. Cardhu quite rightly lays claim to being a major part of the Johnnie Walker Blends success.

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